Featuring Signature Series® Savings

It may seem that the future and your financial security are too far off to worry about - when in fact  they are closer than you think. The future is now, and it has become increasingly important for you to prepare for it.

Our advice is to save early and often...the sooner, the better. Given the way in which interest is compounded, as well as, the availability of a variety of tax defense strategies, "early" money grows at a much faster rate than "late" money. In other words, the sooner you begin a regular savings program, the better your chances of reaching your goals.

At SB&T, it is our goal to be your partner in securing your financial future. We offer a full line of savings and investment options to meet your diverse needs. Almost all of our savings accounts can be funded with automatic transfers from your checking account or direct deposit from your paycheck. Ask us about setting up a program of regular transfers.

Try banking with a new perspective...yours!