Camp Osborn's $350K bill to fund storm cleanup

Park Ranger Eric Ginter (Source: WALB)
Park Ranger Eric Ginter (Source: WALB)
South Georgia Council Boy Scout Executive Matt Hart (Source: WALB)
South Georgia Council Boy Scout Executive Matt Hart (Source: WALB)
Camp Osborn (Source: WALB)
Camp Osborn (Source: WALB)

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Three weeks later, Camp Osborn still had a long road ahead before staff could even scratch the surface of being finished with storm cleanup.

Every week, noisy 18 wheeler trucks haul away more than 50 loads of timber.

Like clockwork, loggers pull into Camp Osborn at 6:15 in the morning to begin the daunting task of cleaning up storm damage from January's severe storms.

"Right now we're trying to salvage what timber we have on the property," said Park Ranger Eric Ginter.

A timely job that Ginter said is vital to keep the camp running.

The camp ground got hit by both the devastating January 2nd and January 22nd storms.

"Pretty much the second storm took out what the first storm left," said Ginter.

The buildings in the main camping area were destroyed.

"We've got thousands of kids that are counting on us to provide a positive scout experience, said South Georgia Council Boy Scout Executive Matt Hart.

And with three different crews working on the ground, Hart hoped to change that soon.

"75 year old pine trees very much a covered area, a lot of forested area, as you can see it's wide open," explained Hart, leaving low-lying swamp areas that are difficult to clean, and a $350,000 bill build to fund cleanup efforts.

"We will scout on is the expression that I keep hearing from folks," said Hart.

After the salvage operation, Camp Osborn staff will start replanting the trees then restoring the buildings.

It will be months before campers can return. And years before it's back to normal.

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