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Business owners in Downtown Thomasville excited for Amphitheater project

(Source:City of Thomasville) (Source:City of Thomasville)
(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)
Joy Knope, Dash owner. (Source:WALB) Joy Knope, Dash owner. (Source:WALB)
Jerry Pionessa, City Engineer (Source:WALB) Jerry Pionessa, City Engineer (Source:WALB)

If you're out in downtown Thomasville you may hear a lot of noise.

That noise is construction crews working on the amphitheater project.

"Anyone who comes to downtown Thomasville is interested in whats going on down here cause we have such a great downtown," said Joy Knope, Dash owner.

It's a project that could bring lots of new customers to the area.

The amphitheater will feature space for live performances, public art displays, and other public events.

Business owners hope that with all the events, that more customers will be walking through their doors.

" I think with our first Fridays and all the events that we have down here, it will be a wonderful addition and like I said It will bring many more visitors to downtown Thomasville to see our great town we have here," said Knope.

Construction crews are working everyday to keep on schedule but if you're eagerly awaiting the projects completion you might be happy to know that a lot of progress has been made.

"The building behind me that's the restroom building, technically the trail-head. You can see the concrete walls behind me which will be Terrance lawns," said Jerry Pionessa, City Engineer.

City leaders said this project starting as an idea in 2014, they are now excited to see what it will add to the community.

"Its very exciting, I think the whole community has been interested in having a venue like this," said Pionessa.

The $1.9 million dollar project is well on its way to being complete by Thomasville's annual rose festival in May.

"On this side, this is the stage. You can see were moving vertical with construction. We have the walls coming up most of the underground construction is complete," said Pionessa.

The last phase of the project will be to repave Stevens St.

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