Rotary Club helps selfless Dougherty Co. storm victim

The property was damaged by a January storm (Source:WALB)
The property was damaged by a January storm (Source:WALB)
Gonzales (left), Phillips (right) (Source:WALB)
Gonzales (left), Phillips (right) (Source:WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County Rotary Club is helping Albany storm victims get their lives back to normal.

The group presented over $11,000 to 20 different individuals. All are facing damage, and some are even helping others before themselves.

"Every large tree in our yard was blown down," said storm victim Mike Gonzales, as he walked down the driveway of his grandfather's house.

"Just about all this debris primarily came from the back yard," said Gonzales.

Its is a place he grew up and, now. he's working to get it looking like it used.

"We made it through the first one, we made it through the second one, we've got to just keep driving," said Gonzales. "Tomorrow is another day. There's always someone else that's in-need."

Gonzales is no stranger to strong winds and the damage they can cause. Two trees fell on his Seventh Avenue home during the January second storms.

"The stories I kept hearing were that Mike wasn't worried about his house yet, or his moms house, but, basically, had to clear seventh avenue by himself because he's the type of person who gives back to his community," said Dougherty County Rotary member Dan Phillips.

Those are the types of stories Phillips says he notices. So, he applied through the Rotary Club to provide $1,000 to help Gonzales from a relief fund developed by the organization.

"Its part of who I am, but its also part of my duty as a citizen here in town to help out my neighbors and everybody else that needs it," said Gonzales.

He adds the assistance from the Rotary Club will help him out tremendously. Gonzales said he's grateful as he cleans up one limb at a time.

Phillips said storm victims can still contact the Dougherty County Rotary Club, if they need help.

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