Editorial: Assisting veterans after the storm

Editorial: Assisting veterans after the storm

In the aftermath of January storms, we were quick to realize, one group in particular needed additional help: our military men and women.

Last week, Disabled American Veterans sent representatives from Atlanta, to hand out $250 vouchers to veterans who suffered storm damage.

We found veterans camped out for hours and hours at the Civic Center to find out if their name would be called so they could receive aid.

The need was great, but the DAV only had so many vouchers.

After our stories aired, and the DAV witnessed the overwhelming need first hand, they issued more vouchers to help Albany-area veterans.

We applaud the DAV and their support to help our military men and women.

However, we feel like more needs to be done.

We call on other organizations to step up and help veterans impacted by the devastating storms.

As they risked their lives so we could be free, the least we can do as a community, is make sure they are taken care of now in their time of need.

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