Help pets have a safe summer

Albany-- Most pets are usually the center of attention. Those pets need extra attention during the summer months.

There are many issues that could potentially harm a pet when the heat becomes unbearable.

One of the biggest issues of course is the sun. Keep your pet near some kind of shade and also make sure their water bowl isn't empty.

And they also need to be groomed properly especially if they have a thick coat. The heat plus the extra hair can be a bad combination.

Pesky bugs like mosquitoes, ticks and fleas can potentially harm your pet, especially on the tips of the ears. A big concern with mosquitoes is heartworm disease. Doctor Roth says routine preventative care can help with that.

He also says that you should be cautious at all times. You may also question why your pet isn't eating that much when it's hot.

So with those increasing temperatures, i t's time to increase those safety measures to make sure you and your pets are cool.

Of course the biggest no-no for pet owners, never leave a pet in a car during the summer.