Wife, mother of linemen reflects on storm response

Wife, mother of linemen reflects on storm response
The family has three linemen (Source:WALB)
The men worked long days (Source:WALB)
The men worked long days (Source:WALB)
Nena Cook, family member (Source:WALB)
Nena Cook, family member (Source:WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - It's not always easy being related to a lineman, when the power goes out, but a Lee County woman, who is married to one and mother of two, says she's grateful for all that they do.

Nena Cook's husband and two sons have been working daily for a month restoring power to homes in South Georgia.

"We tried to get them to be electrical engineers and they didn't want to," said Cook.

A mother's suggestion deferred by her sons to follow in dad's footsteps.

"They told Stacey, they knew what they wanted to do," said Cook. "They wanted to be linemen."

Nena Cook has been married to Water Gas and Light Lineman Stacy Cook for 25 years.

Along the way, the couple had two boys, Tyler and Tanner, who also got into the industry.

"It's part of life," said Nena. "It's part of being a lineman's wife and a lineman's mom. You know, you expect to get the call when the bad weather comes in."

That call came several times as storms struck South Georgia during the past month.

Nena sat at home as long days piled up for the men in her life.

"The past month has been rough on them," said Nena.

She adds they're passionate about all they do. The brotherhood among linemen and their families help them get through tough times and get the lights turned back on.

"You worry because the lines are down, the lines are hot," said Cook. "You don't know what they're dealing with. All you can do is pray and just keep yourself busy."

It's something Nena has been doing a lot lately, but, ultimately, she's proud and grateful for her husband, sons and all those working the lines.

"Linemen are underrated. A lot of them are," said Nena. "You know people think of firemen, which I've got a best friend who is a fireman, people think of police officers. People don't understand what a lineman goes through and what they do in their daily jobs to keep the power on."

Nena asks that, when the power goes out, people stay patient and know they're in good hands.

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