GSP speaks about rise in fatal wrecks

GSP speaks about rise in fatal wrecks

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Three people have died in the past two days as a result of car crashes in several different counties.

Although the number of fatalities is high, the department of transportation reports that its not as high as years past.

Its a tough scene to see, wrecks that result in the death of driver on the road.

So far this week there have been three reported fatalities in three different counties.

"Anytime you're driving, I try to teach my children the same thing. You have to drive defensively, you have to look and anticipate what the other person is doing," said John Vanlandingham, GSP Post 40 Commander.

Troopers at GSP Post 40 in Albany said they have seen an alarming amount of fatal wrecks in 2017 already.

"Were having an abnormally high number of fatalities within Albany's territory. The GSP post here in Albany has investigated five fatalities here this month," said Vanlandingham.

Since all three wrecks were different, it's hard to pin point just one cause.

Troopers said they do have several reasons as to why these accidents are happening.

"Were seeing an uprise in wrecks where people are distracted, whether they are on the cell phone, or talking to their kids in the back seat. There is numerous reasons where people are putting all their attention into the vehicle instead of looking outside and driving,"said Vanlandingham.

\So far this year the Georgia Department of Transportation is reporting 92 fatalities.

That number might seem high but its actually down 20% from this time last year.

Georgia State Patrol troopers hope that this year wont be as deadly as 2016.

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