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Buster Posey Family Foundation fights pediatric cancer

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Lee County native and San Francisco Giant All star Buster Posey has set up a foundation, to raise money for research to fight pediatric cancer. He has named it to Buster Posey Family Foundation, because it is a family affair for him and his wife Kristen.  

Buster Posey and his wife Kristen started their foundation in the spring last year, after meeting families with children battling cancer.
Buster Posey said "It was pulling at us that we needed to try to help out a little bit.  This really started with Kristen and her desire to try to help kids that are obviously going through a very tough time."

Pediatric cancer is the fourth leading cause of children death, but only about 4 cents of every dollar in cancer research goes toward pediatric cancer.  The Poseys want to raise awareness, and spur more research.
Kristen Posey said "I can't imagine what these little kids are going through.  And their parents are going through.  Buster and I have been blessed with a platform to be able to help. That's what we are trying to do."

Baseball is that platform, and Buster has partnered with the Dickie V and V Foundations to hit a homerun with his foundation, raising more than a half million dollars already.
Buster Posey said "I think we are both feeling like we want to be very ambitious with this.  We want it to be something where we can expand outside the Bay Area. To more of a national level, and maybe even take it further."

100 percent of the donations to the Posey Foundation go to research for pediatric cancer hospitals.
Kristen Posey said "We want to raise as much money as we possibly can, because research is what is going to find better treatments.  Going to help these kids out, and hopefully a cure."

Buster Posey using his baseball skills and fame to go deep, and help child cancer patients. 
Buster made it real clear to me from San Francisco that he is praying for South Georgia tornado victims. He  has made a very generous donation to the American Red Cross.  And he also even provided 600 backpacks to Radium Elementary through their partner in excellence.

If you would like to donate to the Buster Posey foundation, you can mail a check to Michaela Johnson - Tena, at the V Foundation For Cancer Research, 14600 Weston Parkway, Cary N.C. 27513.  Make the checks payable to "Don't Ever Give Up, Inc." and put Kristen and Buster Posey in the memo line.

If you want to donate on line, the link is here.

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