Editorial: Investing in storm shelters can save lives

Editorial: Investing in storm shelters can save lives

For many, January 2017 will long be remembered not as a happy start to a new year, but as a month that left behind death and destruction.

With at least 33 tornadoes tearing through Georgia communities, we've now learned that there may be a way to decrease the number of lives lost if storms hit again.

WALB recently highlighted a South Georgia company that manufactures storms shelters and we would like for leadership in our communities and companies to consider investing in these types of storm shelters.

Funding for the shelters can be available through FEMA grants.

Survive-A-Storm  makes community shelters, residential shelters, and shelters for companies.

Some of the community shelters have AC vents, lights, benches, and even a bathroom.

They can hold anywhere from 17 to 300 people.

There are several different styles and even bunker and panic rooms.

All of them serving the simple purpose of saving lives.

For municipalities or quasi-governmental projects, FEMA can fund up to 75 percent of the cost according to their website under the Hazard Mitigation Grant.

Hopefully, this funding will encourage more communities here and around the nation to invest in this type of protection for its citizens and employees.

If you'd like to read more about these shelters click here.

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