Late daughter leaves behind lasting inspiration in letters to mom

Late daughter leaves behind lasting inspiration in letters to mom
Macy gave this letter to her mother (Source:WALB)
Macy wrote 25 letters (Source:WALB)
Macy wrote 25 letters (Source:WALB)
Cindy Mathis, mother (Source:WALB)
Cindy Mathis, mother (Source:WALB)

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - A mother mourning the loss of her teenage daughter is now remembering her through a series of notes she wrote.

"Open when you're feeling lonely," read Cindy Mathis.

Those words mark the start of one of 25 letters 16-year-old Macy Mathis wrote for her mother on her birthday.

"Mommy, I'm sorry you feel lonely," read Mathis. "I'm especially sorry if we're the ones who made you feel lonely. I never intended to do that."

Cindy Mathis would never expect that the reason she was feeling alone was because her teenage daughter had died in a car accident.

"She really helped me out in a lot of ways that I didn't realize until after she passed," said Mathis.

Macy died five days after a car crash in Tift County, which also killed her boyfriend.

Her mom said some of the letters she left behind have made her laugh, and all have made her cry.

Before Macy died, Cindy had only opened three of those messages.

"I'm thankful I only opened three because I need them more now," said Mathis.

What she finds sealed inside are enduring glimmers of a daughter she loved very much.

"I'll play with your hair and rub your back until you fall asleep," Mathis read from her daughters letter. "I miss being that close to you because I feel like your little girl again. Please, don't feel lonely mommy. You always have me. Macy."

Memorialized by ink on paper, Cindy said she knows the impact her little girl left on world.

"It's a message that I feel like she intended to carry out," said Mathis.

While her short life came to a tragic end, her words will ring in the hearts of her loved-ones for years to come.

Cindy said she encourages all children to write notes to their parents because she's come to treasure her's so much.

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