Cook County discusses long term storm relief

Cook County discusses long term storm relief

COOK CO., GA (WALB) - Cook County leaders and organizers met to discuss long term storm relief efforts Tuesday morning.

Leaders discussed the future of the Cook County tornado relief warehouse, the current distribution center for Cook County victims.

The warehouse stopped accepting donations Saturday due to having no room to put them and turned into a distribution center.

It takes roughly 10 volunteers to operate the distribution center.

"From the beginning it has been the community coming together to put this relief effort together and I think it's great," said Probate Judge Chase Daugherty.

The warehouse will stay open 6 days a week for the next two weeks to serve families and victims in the County.

Then, organizers will evaluate the needs to see how long the Center needs to stay open.

"We're going to make sure those affected are well taken care off," said Pastor Eric Gordon.

However, community members also plan to spread out the volunteer base throughout the county to help folks on a case by case basis.

There is also a 9 person finance committee in charge of distributing locally donated funds.

"Vetting the survivors to make sure we get them what we need," said Sharon Harnage, one of the volunteers on the committee.

Committee members said due to the large amount of funds donated, they to make it clear how they are using them.

"There's 20 families that no longer have a home. They have nothing. We're here to fill that gap and get them back to normal life," said Harnage.

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