Southfitters gives $21K to Mission Change

Southfitters gives $21K to Mission Change
Jason Mulford is the Southfitters manager. (Source: WALB)
Jason Mulford is the Southfitters manager. (Source: WALB)
This is the back of the t-shirts. (Source: WALB)
This is the back of the t-shirts. (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Mission change received a big donation Monday that came right from the community.

Southfitters, a retail story in the Albany Mall, presented Mission Change with a $21,000 check.

Since the storm hit on January 2nd, the store has been selling Albany strong T-shirts.

They told customers 100 percent of the money would go right back to helping storm victims and now it

The store has sold more than 1,200 shirts.

They've shipped them all over, including to Washington, Massachusetts, Kentucky and even Guam.

"It is absolutely surreal," said Southfitters manager Jason Mulford. "We originally thought, hey will will raise a few thousand dollars, and then the community rallied behind it."

LaDonna Urick is one of the co founders of Mission Change. She said the organization is very grateful Southfitters chose to give the money to Mission Change.

"It's local, and 100 percent went straight to mission change, and one hundred percent of it is going to go right back into our community," said Urick. "That's from housing people, to bringing groceries and working with them one on one and we've already done a lot
of that."

The t-shirts can still be bought at the store as well as at Flint Ag and Turf on highway 82.

Monday's donation did not include the shirts sold at Flint Ag and Turf.

Those totals will be counted and donated at a later date.

Southfitters will also be coming out with a follow-up shirt.

The company hopes to use that to support the widespread cleanup efforts.

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