A close call for two sisters as tree crashes through home

View of room crushed by fallen oak (Source: WALB)
View of room crushed by fallen oak (Source: WALB)
Oak tree that fell onto Sanborn home (Source: WALB)
Oak tree that fell onto Sanborn home (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Margie Lee and her sister, Jeanie, arrived in Dougherty County January 20th to help clean out the home of their sister who died of cancer earlier in the month.

They never imagined an EF 3 tornado would pass over the Sandborn Avenue home uprooting and snapping huge trees sending them crashing onto homes and cars.

When they saw the tornado warning on TV, the quickly ran into a back closet and began praying. Moments later, a huge oak tree on the front lawn came crashing through the bedroom next door to where they hiding.

"We had not been in that closet but about 5 minutes before it hit. It sounded like a train and when the tree fell it sounded like a big bomb," said Lee.

"I'll tell you what, we were down on our knees praying and it's a miracle no one got killed. It's a miracle no one out here was hurt," she said.

The tree caused extensive damage to their sister's home but they were able to salvage some of her belongings.

Several others homes in the neighborhood were damaged by falling trees and at least one SUV was crushed by a fallen oak.

Amazingly there were no reports of injuries in the neighborhood.

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