Woman thankful sister wasn't alone during final moments

Woman thankful sister wasn't alone during final moments
Aerial view of Sunshine Acres (Source: WALB)
Aerial view of Sunshine Acres (Source: WALB)
Debra Tinsley-Powell (Source: WALB)
Debra Tinsley-Powell (Source: WALB)

COOK CO., GA (WALB) - 7 families are coping with the tragic losses of loved ones this week after a tornado tore through Cook County.

"She was just so sweet and funny. She would do anything for anybody," Debra Tinsley-Powell said about her sister Mandy Rowe.

Memories that are more special now than ever.

"Who expects that, you know. All I can say is God has really done his 'thang' this week," said Debra.

Mandy lost her life in the deadly tornado. Debra said she never expected losing a sister.

"She was always just so friendly and loving to everybody," Debra recalled.

But Debra finds comfort in knowing Mandy wasn't alone Sunday night when a tornado tore through her home at Sunshine Acres.

"It makes me feel so much better because that had to be so scary," Debra said tearfully.

Mandy was with her friend Joe Deskins.

"He was really funny. Sometimes he could be a corny funny, but it was cute," Debra said with laughter.

Both Mandy and Joe passed away that night.

"I'm so glad they at least had each other," said Debra.

Like many other families have said, Debra is overwhelmed with love and support from everyone.

"I would have never expected what we've witnessed this week, never. It's just such a blessing and I have to give all the glory to God," said Debra.

The funeral costs for all 7 victims were covered.

Debra said it's support like that that will continue to help their family stay strong.

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