Cade Fowler takes an aerial tour of Albany

A P&G warehouse (Source: WALB)
A P&G warehouse (Source: WALB)
MCLB (Source: WALB)
MCLB (Source: WALB)
Near Newton Road (Source: WALB)
Near Newton Road (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - From 1,000 feet in the air, the devastation below is widespread and extensive.

Off Newton Road, you can see where EF-3 twister touched down near the Baker County line, and carved a path through southeast Dougherty County.

It reduced homes to rubble and tore down thousands of acres of timber.

As it moved over the Flint River, Radium Springs stood in its path tearing through this neighborhood near Radium Springs Middle School. Trees sent smash onto the famous clubhouse.

As the storm trekked to the northeast, it turned deadly.

The destruction at Paradise Village Mobile Home Park is unimaginable, but it's real. Mobile homes were tossed in the air like toys , thrown the ground and piled on top of one another. Two of the five victims died here and it's astonishing there weren't more.

The tornado crossed US 19 and 133. where it off part of the roof on the Procter and Gamble warehouse .

Similar destruction just up the road at MCLB Albany where an entire building was flattened.

Off Sylvester Road, semi trailers at the Old Cooper tire plant were tossed around in the air some overturned.

The twister would keep going, into Worth, Turner and Wilcox.

A 150 mile per hour nightmare of a storm that left a community in shambles.

We thank Mike Cochran and Terry Humprhies with Thrush Air for that plane ride. It was certainly an eye opening experience..

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