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Storm Chaser surveys deadly tornado damage

Source WALB Source WALB
Source WALB Source WALB

A professional storm chaser surveyed the storm damage in South Georgia, and Thursday said it was one of the strongest storms he has seen in what they call the Dixie Alley.

This is video of the tornado near the Marine Base, shot by one of Live Storms Media's stringers.
 Meteorologist Brett Adair met with WALB News Ten's Meteorologist's , to discuss the killer tornado, and what they learned from their video.

"What we have call RFD, " said Adair. "It's a down draft wind. It blew rain out in front of the tornado and it can obscure it.  And you know that's another big factor in the Southeast.  A lot of our tornadoes are rain rapped.  That's why they are so deadly."

Adair says they do their storm chasing work, to learn more about severe weather, and how to better predict them and possibly save lives.

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