Mother & daughter share terrifying moments driving through tornado

Mother & daughter share terrifying moments driving through tornado
Christina Moore (Source: WALB)
Christina Moore (Source: WALB)
Christina Moore's daughter Megan (Source: WALB)
Christina Moore's daughter Megan (Source: WALB)
Moore's carport was leveled by Sunday's tornado. (Source: WALB)
Moore's carport was leveled by Sunday's tornado. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany mother and daughter shared the terrifying moments as they drove through Sunday's deadly tornado.

Christina Moore and her daughter Megan said it was their faith that saved their lives as they drove through the devastating twister.

"I'm just glad I'm her mom and I got to comfort her, she wasn't by herself," said Moore.

Christina Moore jumped into full mommy mode to calm her daughter down.

Moore had just left the grocery store when she got stuck in the storm.

"All I could do was grab that wheel and I said baby doll just hang on God's got his hands wrapped around me," said Moore.

But what happened next would really test their faith.

"The tree goes down behind us and it actually scratches the back of the truck, like the limbs were hitting the back of the truck," said Moore.

Downed power lines hit the car windows, and strong winds caused the truck to sway from side to side.

And at one point, there were times Moore couldn't tell whether she was on the road or in a ditch.

Although mother nature was out of her control, she could assuage her daughter's fears.

"It made me feel um good and happy that she was there with me," said Megan Smith.

Smith said what would've been a 15 minute drive home felt like eternity.

At the time, Moore's other kids and her sister were all hunkered down in the hallway.

"We got out, I went inside and I comforted the kids let me know, hey we're home, we made it okay," said Moore.

As soon as the storm passed, Moore rushed to see the damage outside.

"There were shingles everywhere," recalled Moore uprooted trees were on the front lawn and the backyard fence was destroyed.

"The children's trampoline well that's over the fence," explained Moore and the carport was leveled.

And after those terrifying moments, one thing that wasn't shaken was Moore's faith.

"I give all the glory on that one he saved our life he wrapped his arms around us like I promised I'm telling you it was amazing," said Moore.

Christina Moore and her kids are without power but she says her neighbors have been so kind to cut wood to use for a fire so they can stay warm at night.

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