GA governor to tour tornado areas

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - By John Huddleston

Governor Nathan Deal will tour the storm ravaged areas of Southwest Georgia Wednesday, to see the damage first hand. He's going to see in person just how bad and just how extensive this damage is in some parts.

Deal is expected to arrive in Albany early this afternoon. He was just here earlier this month when we got hit with the first round of storms.

He'll first meet with local officials and staff members from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Homeland security to get their assessment of where things stand.
After that, he'll take an aerial tour of the destruction here in Albany to get a bird's eye perspective of the scope and magnitude of what's happened.
And Then later this afternoon, he's expected to take a driving tour through Cook County, likely including that mobile home park where seven people alone were killed.
The governor also telling us he's optimistic that the state will receive federal assistance and soon.

He's spoken to Homeland Security John Kelly about pushing thru the request for these most recent storms, as well as, the one earlier this month.  So far though he has not received an answer on either.

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