Homes damaged in Worth County

Homes damaged in Worth County

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Folks in Worth County say the bad stuff Sunday lasted only three to four minutes. But what happened during that short period of time was terrifying.

"You could feel the whole house shake under us like it was coming loose," Christy Haskins says.

Haskins and her family live on GA-313 in Doles. Like many people in the area, they're thankful no one was hurt. But the damage to her home is severe.

The Haskins used to have a front porch. They don't anymore.

"It was a big front porch with two big columns," she says. "It kind of had a pitch at an angle, and it just pulled all that off."

Haskins and her family huddled in the closet for safety. They understood the sheer force of this storm when they saw their new RV had been picked up and tossed.

"It actually had to pick it up and slam it on its side," she says.

Just down the road, pieces of Barbara Turner's roof are littered across her yard. Other pieces are hanging on by a thread.

"It got the roof off the patio. It got the roof off the front porch," she says. "It blew out a window in the kitchen, and we were sitting in the den watching it come through."

Another Doles homeowner, Jess Harrell says everything could've been much worse at his house. A massive pine now lays in his front yard. Harrell says if it had fallen the other direction, he doesn't know if he'd be here today.

"If it fell that way, it would have actually hit the closet we were in," he says.

Harrell's roof is damaged, and hundreds of trees have fallen in front of his house. But his family is okay, and now they're moving forward.

"We're definitely building a storm shelter," he laughs.

Back at the Haskins', the recovery process is underway. It's going to take a while, but it could be much worse.

"When you walked outside and saw the destruction, we just realized how thankful we are to be safe," she says.

Worth County officials say there have been no reported injuries.

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