Work begins on Leesburg water tower

Work begins on Leesburg water tower

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Work has started on the water tower in Leesburg Thursday.

Construction crews said the project is expected to alleviate water pressure issues, which also means better fire suppression abilities through hydrants.

Crews add that it's a major change for the tower.

"The new tank, that's over by public works, is 140 feet tall already. So the city already is operating off that hydraulic grade line. With this addition here, we'll be able to put this tank at the same hydraulic grade line as the 200,000 gallon tank. So the city of Leesburg will now have 700,000 gallons of elevated storage," said Chad Griffon, Chief project manager and CEO of Steelwaters.

The tank, located near lee county high, will be out of service for one to two weeks.

Crews add that the water tower on the north side of town will be providing water until the work on this one is complete.

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