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Group asks Albany storm victims to identify threats

The group uses a large map (Source:WALB) The group uses a large map (Source:WALB)
Limbs are still an issue (Source:WALB) Limbs are still an issue (Source:WALB)
Tara Okon, volunteer (Source:WALB) Tara Okon, volunteer (Source:WALB)

A group of people helping storm victims is reaching out to keep them safe as possible severe weather is expected this weekend. 

Those behind the Albany GA Storm/Tornado Recovery 2017 Help Page are crowdsourcing information about weakened limbs to ensure no further damage is done. 

 "We're going to all start merging to the center and clean up the center as best we can because right now they are six to ten feet deep in debris," said organizer Tara Okon. 

The goal is to keep people safe. The method is a big sense of community and a little social media.  

Debris still lingers two weeks after strong storms left parts of Albany destroyed, but the dangers don't solely lie on the roadway. 

 "We've seen some trees that are still leaning toward those power lines," said Okon. "We don't want those power lines down again and people to be without power because they've just renewed all their food and they're getting stuff going again." 

Weakened trees and limbs pose a threat as possible storms are expected in South Georgia over the upcoming weekend.  

Members are asking people to identify any potentially dangerous situations to their main page, or zone specific events, to prevent further damage to power lines, property and people. 

"You can form a neighborhood relationship and you know that this group will not charge you," said Okon. "We're here for you to get things rolling." 

A sense of momentum all those cleaning up say they feel is building by the day.

The Facebook group was used to coordinate cleanup efforts this past weekend. They rallied nearly 100 people.

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