Good Samaritan buys car for storm victim

Good Samaritan buys car for storm victim
(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Despite the devastating damage left behind by last week's powerful storms, the community is coming together to help those in need.

One man is proving why we call this city the "Good Life City."

It all started with a photo posted on Facebook of a car severely damaged after a tree fell on top of it.

Pace Burt got a hold of the photo, shared it, and asked if anyone knew who the car owner was.

Shortly afterward, one woman contacted Pace's daughter, letting her know that the damaged car belonged to her mother Mamie Benard.

She said she and her mother were inside the car when the tree fell on top of them.

Mamie said she was going to pick her daughter up from work that Monday night.

And as they were driving back home, the storm got worse, and a tree came crashing on them.

It missed them by a hair.

Burt got in touch with Mamie, who works at Phoebe.

And on Tuesday, Pace wanted to do what he could to help, and bought her a car.

Mamie said she is extremely grateful for his selflessness.

"Right after the storm, you've got people rolling up their sleeves and going to work and helping other people," said Pace. "And so this one gesture, although it's touched a lot of people, it pales in comparison to what other people have done."

And this act of kindness hasn't gone unnoticed.

It's gotten over 700 likes on Facebook.

She also wants to thank the man who helped her and her daughter out of the car right after the tree fell on them.

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