Valdosta has new Jr. Fire Marshals

Valdosta has new Jr. Fire Marshals

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A group of students from J. L. Lomax Elementary was just introduced as Junior Fire Marshals, the school said Thursday.

Teachers picked these third through fifth graders, who took an oath to promote fire safety at school and at home.

The Jr. Fire Marshals promote fire safety through essays, poems, posters, speeches, and fire drills.

Students will also participate in Hats for Heroes fundraisers by raising money to help burn victims attend summer camp.

The mission for these students is to remind their friends, family, and classmates the importance of fire safety during the holiday season.

Some fire safety tips to remember are:

Don't overload your electrical sockets, check electrical items for damage to wires, turn off your lights and other devices when unattended, keep your live tree watered and dispose of it soon after the holidays, and make sure your artificial tree is flame resistant.

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