Editorial: Cleaning up from a devastating storm

Editorial: Cleaning up from a devastating storm

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - In the wake of terrible devastation and destruction, organizations, businesses and citizens of Albany and the surrounding communities have stepped up to lend a hand in so many ways.

Immediately after the storms blew through, police hit the streets knocking on doors and checking on people to make sure everyone was OK.

You could see neighbors guiding one another away from dangerous power lines and potential gas leaks. The response by the community was overwhelming.

People started collecting blankets, water and food to give to storm victims. Restaurants set up tables in their parking lots and started handing out food to first responders and volunteers.

There were groups of volunteers including WALB, that went into the neighborhoods and cleared out debris and trees. WALB cameras caught some Albany police officers delivering pizzas, drinks and snacks to families with storm damage.

The officers said that they felt compelled to give back to the community. Congressman Sanford Bishop said it best I think during his tour of the damage when he said:

"I think we have seen the worst of Mother Nature, Now we are now seeing the best in Human Nature."

Businesses are also doing their part. A South Georgia car dealership is challenging other businesses to step up and help the community back on its feet after the storm. They donated $5,000 to the Albany Museum of Art, to help in its rebuilding. The Museum was heavily damaged by the storm.

Even the YMCA that suffered considerable damage continues to offer hot showers to those in need. People continue to reach out as we head down that long road to recovery.

There is no doubt that it is the generosity of the community that will help bring the "Good Life" back to the "Good Life City."

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