DAY 9: FEMA representatives survey damaged areas

DAY 9: FEMA representatives survey damaged areas

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Six different teams of FEMA officials are in Southwest Georgia Wednesday to survey the damage after the devastating storms on January 2nd.

"Because by us conducting a damage assessment it does not guarantee federal assistance will be distributed out," said FEMA Region IV Asst. Branch Manager Angela Grant.

Each federal team included a local person and a representative from GEMA.

They inventoried damage to private property in the Avenues area.

But, other teams working in Albany were capturing damage done to both private and public property, as well as the massive destruction to the city's utilities.

Once the teams finish their survey, we will know if federal aid will be made available to assist with the clean up.

The process was painstaking, as two federal emergency management agency employees took photographs and made notes.

A GEMA employee was with them, and Dougherty County's EMA Director Ron Rowe took them from home to home, surveying the private property damage in The Avenues.

"Once the damage assessment is conducted, we compile that information and turn that information over to the state. The state makes that determination whether they will request for a federal declaration," explained Grant.

"Now there will probably not be an answer today, but I think we can get through the assessments on Wednesday. Again, I don't know when an answer will come," said Rowe.

If the uninsured loss meets $14 million, federal resources will be made available to South Georgia.

Less than 1,000 homes are still without power.

Several crews, and officials are still out working to restore power, clear debris and protect areas impacted by the storm.

  • There are about 340 linemen from ECG and partnering cities and neighboring communities still working to restore power.
  • 27 debris crews are still clearing the streets.
  • 24 officers are working overnight to patrol affected areas.
  • All traffic signals are now operational, but five roads (not including alleys) are still closed
  • There is still one Red Cross shelter open at the Albany Civic Center

Governor Nathan Deal visited Albany Tuesday to tour the damage.

For those who need shelter or supplies, the Red Cross is still operating a shelter at the Albany Civic Center and doing one-on-one counseling to help with assistance.

DCSS schools will be out until January 17th.

The board room is being opened up in the administrative building downtown so families can fill out route relocation forms with their temporary address. You can do this Wednesday or Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.

The most current power outage map can be found here.

The city is operating a non-emergency help desk at 229-483-6226, 483-6227, and 483-6228.

The Red Cross assistance numbers are 229-891-7325 and 436-4845.

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