Six days without school; No power and heavy damage at St. Teresa's Catholic School

Six days without school; No power and heavy damage at St. Teresa's Catholic School
Susie Hatcher, Principal (Source:WALB)
Susie Hatcher, Principal (Source:WALB)
Day six, no school (Source:WALB)
Day six, no school (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's day 6 of no school for students at Saint Teresa's Catholic School.

The school and church still don't have power.

Volunteers and church members have spent hours cleaning up the storm damage.

Although there is still a lot of work to do the school staff and students are eager to get back in the classroom.

This school year at Saint Teresa's students started with one simple message: "Pray. Pray for our school and nation".

Now, at the end of the year, that message still stands so true.

"We had two trees that hit the school on the side of library and damaged three of the classrooms and the library as well. We also had the corner of the building lifted off," said Susie Hatcher, Principal.

Textbooks still soaked in storm water, a Spanish classroom completely ruined, but school leaders like to point out a glimmer of hope. A perfect nativity stands in the midst of the destruction.

"To come and see the devastation not just here at the school but in the neighborhood around is horrible," said Hatcher.

The halls remain dark and the classrooms are empty.

"Yesterday afternoon I was out in front of the school doing some work and one of the parents stopped me. and one of our second graders stopped me said Mrs. Hatcher I just really want to be back in school and I said sweetheart so do I," said Hatcher.

It could be days or even a week before students can finally head back to school.

"The damage that has been done we can deal with but as soon as power is restored we will be back in session," said Hatcher.

The most miraculous thing, through all of the heavy rain and winds ripping through the area last Monday, another sign of hope.

"The church was untouched. We had trees down around we had fences down at the church. But the church its self was remained untouched. Its an act of God that its still standing and undamaged," said Hatcher.

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