Families try to brace the cold to avoid shelters

Families try to brace the cold to avoid shelters

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Fear, heartbreak and devastation linger in one Albany neighborhood tonight.

Families living in the Park Lane area, not far from Phoebe, say they are struggling.

These families are still living here, through the cold weather and the damage.

They simply don't want to feel like a burden or ask for any extra help when the albany community as a whole is suffering.

The people I spoke with today didn't want to speak on camera, but you could see the hurt in their eyes.

You have to think about it we had rain and cold weather this past weekend.

Many people with their kids stayed here through all of that, with just blankets and slight shelter.

Many other communities are still hurting tonight and displaced residents remain in the shelter.

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