DAY 6: City officials survey damage, conduct welfare checks

DAY 6: City officials survey damage, conduct welfare checks
Power outages in West Albany as of 9AM Monday (Source: City of Albany website)
Power outages in West Albany as of 9AM Monday (Source: City of Albany website)
City officials are conducting welfare checks and surveying damage (Source: WALB)
City officials are conducting welfare checks and surveying damage (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city officials have been working hard to get power back up and running in areas around the community.

Some neighborhoods were still reported without electricity during Day 6 of recovery efforts following the severe weather in SWGA. Officials are continuing to work on restoring power in those areas.

This information is for Sunday, January 8th.

Albany outage map:

Get more information on the city's storm relief efforts on the City of Albany's website.

Here's what you need to know about this weekend of storm recovery:

  • 12 Good Samaritan shelters are still open, including the Salvation Army. Their hours are 7 p.m. until 9 a.m.
    • The Church at the Groves (25),130 McIntosh Farms Rd., Leesburg. Contact: 229-439-7056
    • East Albany Church of God (75-100), 216 Pine Bluff Rd., Albany. Contact: 706-566-3450
    • Amazing Grace Baptist Church (150) (Partner Churches: Forrester, Greenbriar & The Refuge), 2117 Ledo Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-886-4745
    • Byne Baptist Church (150), 2832 Ledo Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-436-5700
    • Raleigh White/New Seasons (40-60) (Partner Churches: FBC, Albany & FBC, Leesburg), 2804 Philips Dr., Albany. Contact: 229-432-0222.
    • First Baptist Church of Leesburg (30-35) (Partner Church: FUMC, Leesburg), 135 Main St., Leesburg. Contact: 229-759-6576
    • Sherwood Baptist Church (100), 2201 Whispering Pines Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-883-1910
    • Mt Zion Baptist Church (60), 1905 MLK Dr., Albany. Contact: 229-432-6837
    • Albany Family Worship Center, 3024 Kensington Ct., Albany. Contact: Bobby Paul 229-434-0324
    • Albany Christian Church, 1501 Whispering Pines Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-436-0416
    • The Alive Center, 1624 E. Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany. Contact: 229-669-6506
    • Life Christian Church, 1211 Stuart Ave., Albany. Contact: 229-439-4845
  • 2 City/Red Cross Shelters
    • Albany Civic Center (125), 100 W. Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany. 229-483-6226
    • Avalon United Methodist Church (75), 3018 Gillionville Road, Albany. 229-483-6226
  • Federal Assistance
    • In order for the city and county to qualify for federal assistance, uninsured and underinsured damages must be documented.

    • City officials say access to federal assistance may provide resources that could assist in damage recovery and restoration efforts.

    • The community's help is needed to capture the full scope of structural and/or personal property damages in the area. You can complete the online survey to report property damage for commercial and/or residential properties by clicking here or call the Emergency Operations Center for more information at 229-483-6229. (Sheds and automobiles are items excluded from coverage.)

    • City officials say the survey is very important and poses a major impact on whether or not the SWGA area will qualify for funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. If the total uninsured damages reach a threshold of $14 million dollars, then the area may qualify for FEMA funding.

  • Road Closures

  • Public Safety

    • Albany firefighters began performing welfare checks in storm impacted areas on Sunday.

    • Officials will knock on doors to insure residents inside damaged structures are fine, and if they have an alternative to their living situation.

    • Fire officials expect to continue to survey damaged areas and conduct welfare checks until the middle of the upcoming week. Welfare checks for residents are a top priority.

    • 24 officers will work overnight patrol of the Lake Park, Rawson Circle, and the Cromartie Beach areas between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

  • Food and necessities

    • Zaxby's employees are giving out food, space blankets, blankets, sweatshirts, and other items to storm victims. Volunteers will be set at the Staples parking lot on 405 North Slappey. 2,000 people were fed Saturday, and more food will be provided until it all runs out. Anyone who wishes to donate can call 229-349-0040.

  • Damage and clean up report

    • Significant progress has been made to restore power to the areas that are still without power. City officials report approximately 2,500 homes are still without power.

    • There are now only 15 lift stations without power.

    • Officials say an estimated 1,500 commercial and residential properties were affected with varying amounts of storm damage.

    • An additional 108 line workers were brought in to assist in the restoration effort, bringing the total numbers of line workers to 340 with equipment and rolling stock.

    • 28,000 cubic yards of debris have been collected by crews, which officials say is less than 3%.

    • An estimated 300 homes sustained severe damage and have meters and service poles that were separated from the buildings. Officials urge affected residents to contact an electrician to repair the meter in order for their power to be restored.

    • A map of areas without power will be placed on the city website and social media pages with daily updates. WALB will include a link to this map when it becomes available.

  • There are two 24 hour shelters, including the Albany Civic Center, which is set up for 125 people. Visitors need to bring their own belongings, including pillows and blankets, medications, etc. No pets are allowed, and people who are bed-ridden or need constant medical attention cannot be accommodated. There will be limited medical staff on hand.

  • Saturday night there were 14 shelters open with 116 guests.

  • The Dougherty Co. School System has delayed opening until Tuesday, January 17.

  • Officials ask residents to not co-mingle household trash and landfill waste within the curbside storm debris. It is also advised to be aware of hanging limbs or wires that may fall due to strong winds and clean-up efforts.

  • The Property Damage Information Survey was created to capture the full scope of structural and/or personal property damages in an effort to seek federal assistance. 972 surveys were completed by the time of the city press conference on Sunday.

Find additional information on what local businesses and other organizations are providing resources by clicking here.

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