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Officials warn of health hazards after storm

Health officials warn storm victims (Source:WALB) Health officials warn storm victims (Source:WALB)
Those without power are urged to go to shelters (Source:WALB) Those without power are urged to go to shelters (Source:WALB)
Charles Ruis, Health Director (Source:WALB) Charles Ruis, Health Director (Source:WALB)

The cold, wet weather moving into South Georgia has the potential to create a health hazard  for those without power.

Experts said hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning are serious threats and those dependent on medication should make sure they have enough. 

"The most vulnerable are usually those who are chronically ill and those who are very elderly," said Public Health Director Charles Ruis. "So, if you have neighbors or family members like that, we want you to pay special attention and see about their needs." 

Public Heath workers urge people without power or a place to stay to head to a shelter. 

If you plan to brave the elements, and temperatures drop into the twenties, you could be up against hypothermia.  

Health officials said the wet weather can make it easier to get hypothermia. Signs like lethargy, confusion, weakness and the feeling of cold or shaking my tip you off to the problem. 

They are also concerned about those who are staying at home, trying to generate their own heat. 

"When our daily routines are upset like this, and were often doing things we don't normally do, those are times when injuries are very common," said Ruis. 

Those threats can be silent. They say anything with a flame, like fires, grills and other heating devices, produces carbon monoxide. 

If you're staying somewhere that is poorly ventilated, and have a headache, weakness or abnormal behavior, they say it's important to get some fresh air and, if needed, an emergency evaluation. 

Officials add that those working to clean up storm damage should make sure they are up to date on their Tetanus shot.  

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