DAY 4: Albany officials provide Friday storm update

DAY 4: Albany officials provide Friday storm update

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany leaders held another public update Friday morning on storm recovery from the downtown Emergency Operation Center at 9 a.m.

We are now in Day 4 of the recovery efforts after severe weather caused massive damage to SWGA.

WALB has been keeping up with the updates from officials. Here's the information they shared yesterday.

Local businesses and other organizations have stepped in to help those who need it, and you can find those resources here.

Important information:

    Good Samaritan shelters are open, including the Salvation Army. Their hours are 7 p.m. until 9 a.m.
    • The Church at the Groves (25),130 McIntosh Farms Rd., Leesburg. Contact: 229-439-7056
    • East Albany Church of God (75-100), 216 Pine Bluff Rd., Albany. Contact: 706-566-3450
    • Raleigh White/New Seasons (40-60), 2804 Philips Dr., Albany. Contact: 229-432-0222. (Partner Churches: FBC, Albany & FBC, Leesburg)
    • First Baptist Church of Albany (100-130), 145 Oakland Pkwy., Leesburg. Contact: 229-883-8000
    • Amazing Grace Baptist Church (150) (Partner Churches: Forrester, Greenbriar & The Refuge), 2117 Ledo Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-886-4745
    • Byne Baptist Church (150), 2832 Ledo Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-436-5700
    • First Baptist Church of Leesburg (30-35).(Partner Church: FUMC, Leesburg), 135 Main St., Leesburg. Contact: 229-759-6576
    • Sherwood Baptist Church (100), 2201 Whispering Pines Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-883-1910
    • Mt Zion Baptist Church (60), 1905 MLK Dr., Albany. Contact: 229-432-6837
    • Albany Family Worship Center, 3024 Kensington Ct., Albany. Contact: Bobby Paul 229-434-0324
    • Albany Christian Church, 1501 Whispering Pines Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-436-0416
    • Victory Tabernacle, 32520 Sylvester Rd., Albany. Contact: 229-344-4630
    • Cutliff Grove Baptist Church, 839 W. Broad Ave., Albany. Contact: 229-344-3199
    • Trumpet of God Ministries, 600 Pine Ave., Albany. Contact: 229-395-6413
    • The Alive Center, 1624 E. Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany. Contact: 229-669-6506
    • Life Christian Church, 1211 Stuart Ave., Albany. Contact: 229-439-4845
  • 2 City/Red Cross Shelters
    • Albany Civic Center (125), 100 W. Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany. 229-483-6226
    • Avalon United Methodist Church (75), 3018 Gillionville Road, Albany. 229-483-6226
  • There are two 24 hour shelters, including the Albany Civic Center, which is set up for 125 people. Visitors need to bring their own belongings, including pillows and blankets, medications, etc. No pets are allowed, and people who are bed-ridden or need constant medical attention cannot be accommodated. There will be limited medical staff on hand.
  • As people clean up tree debris, they need to be aware of downed power lines. Yesterday, a crew took two hours to dig out a power line that had been buried under a giant pile of debris. As power returns, these wires may have electricity in them, and they are dangerous.
  • Crews are now needing to get down alleys in the city, and those need to be clear of obstructions. There are at least 25 power poles that are just broken, and must be replaced. We've great assistance from outside crews, but the heavy lifting of restoring the power grid remains.
  • They managed to get 1,500 customers hooked back up Thursday, and great progress is being made. Substations are slowly coming back online, and they are working on the branches in some areas.
  • People should avoid the damaged areas, and when you see linemen, slow down for their protection.
  • Roberson does not expect to lose many linemen to the coming snow storm predicted for North Georgia. Most of the outside help has come to Albany from south of Macon.
  • Citizens should look to help the elderly or infirm get to a shelter if they have no heat currently.
  • We had the only Albany death associated with the storm caused by a person using candles, and that is a danger that we must avoid. Use extreme care with candles or any flames.
  • As we get rain, low lying areas are always prone to flooding in Albany, and many stations don't have power so they can pump water. But Albany is accustomed to moving water, and we will make it work. The people who are dealing with ground water are not the ones who are dealing with the power grid.
  • GEMA officials are in town to lend assistance, and the Small Business Administration is looking at whether Albany will meet the threshold to provide loans. They are very thankful for help with all the paperwork involved.
  • Elected officials are doing what they can to help, and reminded everyone that we are three days out from the night of the storm, and incredible progress has been made. They are managing the resources at the city, county, and state level.
  • Officials urge residents to look out for people people that are elderly, are alone, are disabled or inferred.
  • Assistant city manager Phil Roberson says the number one priority continues to be restoring power. Although the winter storm up north is calling for crews, Roberson assures the number of crews in Albany will not be effected.
  • The crews working in the city are grateful for all the support they've been shown, in the form of food and drinks that citizens are giving them.
  • Officials are thanking the public for their patience. With state help on the way they say the city is slowing rebuilding.
  • Albany police say there have been some businesses burglarized this past week, and even cases where it looked like there were attempts to make entries into some homes. They also say one of the best ways to fight crime is neighborhood vigilance.
  • Chief Persley says even though there is no longer a curfew, officers are patrolling the impacted areas. Officials say that anyone seen in the impacted areas late at night may be stopped.
  • City officials urge residents to drip exterior water faucets to avoid water pipe damage during freezing temperatures of below 32 degrees.
  • It is advised that residents do not block storm drainages with debris to prevent flooding.
  • It is advised that residents do not cover fire hydrants with debris.
  • Flashlights are encouraged for use over candles to prevent fires.
  • Propane tanks and generators must remain outside of a home.
  • Officials urge residents to check on elderly and/or disabled neighbors to ensure they are not exposed to the cold and rain.

WALB's Amanda Hoskins streamed the event live on her Facebook page.

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