Mediacom sets up free Wi-Fi hubs in Albany

Mediacom sets up free Wi-Fi hubs in Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you don't have internet connectivity, you can go to the parking lot area of the Albany Civic Center, the Albany Mall parking lot and First Baptist Church to log on free.

Mediacom has activated a free Wi-Fi connection to provide internet access for area residents and storm clean-up teams. The free, 24-hour service is now active and available for people to use with their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

You don't have to be a Mediacom customer; connect by searching for the Wi-Fi network named "Free Mediacom."

Mediacom Area Operations Director Phil Skinner said his team worked with Albany city officials and the police department to provide parking access for a Mediacom trailer that is clearly marked.

The location on the South Washington Street side of the Albany Civic Center allows you to stay in your car to use the internet.

Mediacom is making Wi-Fi connections available as a service to help residents and clean-up crews stay connected to friends and family, and access online information during the storm clean-up period when many homes are without commercial power.

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