Day 3: Damage across SWGA after the storms

Day 3: Damage across SWGA after the storms

(WALB) - Downed power lines block the entrance into a large residential area in West Albany where Gillionville Road intersects with Ingleside and Valencia.

This area, which covers Gillionville Rd. down to Gordon Ave. and over to Westover Blvd., remains without power today.

Residents said this is an area with a high number of elderly people, and neighbors and even churches are coming in to remove large trees off roofs and out of the roads.

In an alley behind the 400 block of Drexel Ave., there are downed power lines.

Residents told us that food is spoiled and has been thrown away.

We spoke with one person who said she is staying with family in another section of town with power, but others we spoke with said they were remaining in their homes.

It could take as many as three days to restore power to this area, and temperatures will be falling into the low 20's.

Roofers were in the Lockett Station area assessing damage to people's homes and putting tarps on roofs.

Many of them still have trees on top. They say right now its still very dangerous because of downed power lines.

The road to the Willson Hospice House was cleared Thursday morning. But the museum was declared a total loss.

The National Weather Service is surveying damage in Baker County and Newton Thursday afternoon to decide what caused the damage there.

Decatur County residents are working to clean up the damage that impacted business like the John Deere Company and Jimmy's Auto Sales.

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