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Law enforcement: Avoid heavily damaged Albany areas unless you live there

(Source: Albany Flying Club) (Source: Albany Flying Club)
Sgt. Jon Segroves (Source: WALB) Sgt. Jon Segroves (Source: WALB)

There was no curfew in Albany on Wednesday night, but law enforcement said that they still want people to stay out of heavily storm damaged areas.

Albany Police said that they saw lots of people riding through heavily damaged parts of Albany Wednesday, just wanting to see the destruction.

Police said they understand the curiosity, but they said that if you don't live  there, stay off of those streets for your safety and the emergency workers cleaning up.

"Them being in the areas puts not only them at risk of falling limbs or anything else, but it puts the workers and the officers at risk while they are trying to do their jobs, people riding through," explained Sgt. Jon Segroves with the Albany Police Department.

Albany Police, Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies and Dougherty County Police are continuing to patrol those heavily damaged areas, guarding them against looters.  

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