Editorial: SWGA communities rally after devastating storm

Editorial: SWGA communities rally after devastating storm

South Georgia started the new year with a tough reminder of just how devastating our weather can be at times.

Many of you were forced to drive a different route to work, with over 30 roads closed, wait in longer lines of traffic, even driving around downed trees in the street.

It was very tragic that two people were killed during the storm, but we were really fortunate that more were not injured with the large number of huge trees that fell across yards and homes.

Not all of the damaging winds in our area, up to 80 miles per hour, were officially declared a tornado, but if you experienced the scary sounds and the destruction left behind, it really doesn't matter what it's called.

The worst example of structural damage in our area was at the beautiful Albany Museum of Art, which is now a complete loss.

Our weather team started a new process last year, declaring a "First Alert Weather Day" one day in advance, when conditions look like we may be in-store for severe weather in our area.

They were correct again this time to put us all on notice, that Monday severe storms look to be on the way.

This gives everyone more time in advance to make plans to get supplies at the store, remind your family of your emergency plans, test your flash lights, and generators.

Thankfully we have days of clear weather now to clean up and get our lives back to normal.

For many this will be a long process, so help your neighbors as much as you can. We hope it doesn't happen, but next time it may strike your neighborhood.

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