Albany officials hold storm recovery news conference

Albany officials hold storm recovery news conference

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, City Manager Susan Subadan, and Assistant Mgr. Phil Roberson held a conference at Noon Wednesday.

They updated the public on steps the city is taking, and what the public should bear in mind, as the city recovers from the powerful storm that struck Monday night.

About 8,000 customers are still in the dark, and everything is being done to get the power back on.

If the power meter is missing or destroyed, you cannot get power back on without having an electrician install one. The city can't restore power to damaged property, Subadan said.

The weather will get cold later this week. They are moving fast, but it may be Friday or Saturday before this happens.

They who are elderly, living alone, or ill please make alternate arrangements for them temporarily.

The city is working diligently to get power on, but everyone must exercise some individual responsibility.

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Solid waste crews will collect storm debris and put it in a central location as soon as they can.

If there are lines down, do not touch them. Do not try to restore power yourself.

If you are trying to connect a generator, make sure there is an inverter on the generator before connecting to your power supply. If you do this wrong, you could electrocute a line worker who is trying to restore your power.

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