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Neighborhood bonds after devastating storm

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Brenda Lowery (Source: WALB) Brenda Lowery (Source: WALB)
Jamie Surface (Source: WALB) Jamie Surface (Source: WALB)
Linda Thomas (Source: WALB) Linda Thomas (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Albany neighborhoods are coming together surveying the devastation left behind by winds that reached 90 miles per hour.

They aren't worried about their houses,  they are just happy that everyone is okay.

Folks living here spent the morning cleaning up the road first so that people could get by. "You sit and you watch on TV and you never knew it would be like this…"

Linda Thomas is left speechless after looking at the damage in her neighborhood. "I got in my closet and it was like a freight train coming through that's what it sounded like," she said.

She says she thankful she's alive. Material items lost can be replaced.  "I just thank god we are alive and we didn't have any fatalities over here."

Next door to her a branch went through her neighbor's bedroom. "That tree fell through that window and busted," said Jamie Surface.

After the storm hit, he made sure his kids were OK. Then he checked on his 90 year old grandmother next door. That's when he found this tree in her living room. "As soon as we started getting more alerts we brought her in here after the tornado because they said there was going to be another one so we put her in the hall area where there are no windows."

As neighbors pull together to cleanup, they aren't as concerned about the damage right now, they are just relieved everyone is safe.

Especially Brenda Lowery, who drove to the neighborhood as soon as she could to check on her family. "It's terrifying to know your children are in the middle of a tornado and you can' get to them and do anything to help them."

Lowery says her daughter and son-in-law got to safety just in time. "They jumped in the bathtub like thirty seconds before it came through, before it went through the side of their house and their closet."

Lowery is grateful for the community who's lending a helping hand.  "Some say it's a horrible town, other say it's the good life. I think it's like any other place. You've got the good and the bad but when something like this happens everybody pulls together."

It's going to be a long time before everything gets cleanup, but what they will remember most is how much this event has brought them together.

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