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Call center staff survives office roof collapse

Hamilton Relay interior (Source: WALB) Hamilton Relay interior (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Hamilton Relay Manager David Castellano (Source: WALB) Hamilton Relay Manager David Castellano (Source: WALB)

Fifty employees who were working inside Hamilton Relay, a call center servicing the deaf and disabled, got the scare of their lives, when the storm hit at 10:20 Monday night.

The manager said that the roof caved in on the employees, when heavy rains and super-strong winds came roaring into town.

"You can see the damage behind me, and how the roof is basically on the floor. It is really sad," said Hamilton Relay Manager David Castellano.

Nearly every large glass-pane window was shattered, shards were everywhere, furniture was overturned, debris scattered and window blinds were twisted.

"It is breathtaking. When I came here I was really in awe to see the building, and how it was," explained Castellano. "To get out of the car and to hear all of the employees made it out safely and to only have two people injured I think it is really impressive."

Also amazing was the fact that the call center, a service for the deaf and disabled, was only at half-staff Monday night because of the New Year's Day holiday.

"We had two employees who were injured and we called 911 and the ambulance was here," said Castellano.

And, the injuries were minor and the two employees are expected to be okay.

The Albany call center is one of six national locations and the largest, with roughly 220 employees in their Dawson Road office at Market Square Shopping Plaza.

Castellano said they are working on a temporary location in Albany to continue their necessary service for the deaf and disabled.

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