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First Alert Weather Day: Fire officials prepare for possible flooding

A car is stuck in high water on Albany's west side last month (Source: WALB) A car is stuck in high water on Albany's west side last month (Source: WALB)
Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose (Source: WALB) Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

We are having a First Alert Weather Day, and several Southwest Georgia counties are seeing downpours and even heavy winds. Some already have measurable rainfall from last night.

The rain has been coming down hard most of the day. We went from a long drought to a wet December and now it looks like we are starting the new year off the same way.

Fire officials warn if you don't take precaution you could find yourself stuck calling 911. As the rain comes down, folks in south Georgia are preparing for the worst.

"Down here, we can have calm weather and then 15 minutes later, we have heavy rain, heavy wind," said APD Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose.

Last night several counties saw a downpour including a tornado warning in Early County.

Battalion Chief Ambrose says folks should be prepared for anything. He says you don't want to get yourself stuck, don't try to drive or walk through deep puddles.

"A lot of times you might be able to start off going through an intersection with the water and then you get out in the middle of it and that's when your car is going to go out and then you are going to need to call and get help to get you out of the water."

Ambrose says to be mindful of trees nearby. With all of the rain we've had the chances of trees and even limbs falling is higher.

"The ground gets saturated and you get a heavy enough wind it will blow them over."

Here in Albany, streets like West Roosevelt Avenue and North Davis Street are prone to flooding. If you live in an area that often floods, now's the time to take precaution.

"If you know that area's prone to heavy rains and being stuck in then it's not a bad idea to say let me make preparations and go stay with a friend for a little while until the weather passes," Ambrose said.

Fire officials warn anything is possible in severe weather, if you do get stuck in a situation don't be hesitant to call 911.

"That's what we're here for. The emergency services, we are here for them. If anyone has a problem by all means call, we've be there as soon as possible, as soon as we can get there to them."

The biggest advice fire officials have is to stay in tonight. Don't go out on the roads unless you absolutely need to.

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