Ben Roberts signs off on WALB for the last time

Ben Roberts signs off on WALB for the last time
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As many of WALB's viewers may have heard, Wednesday was Ben Robert's last day with us here at Channel 10.

But before he left, those of us at the station wanted to let him know how appreciated he is in the south Georgia community, and that he will be missed every evening in your homes.

He has been an anchor, reporter, executive producer and Emmy award winning journalist.

Those are just words that tell you what Ben Roberts has done every day for the last twenty-plus years.

Those words don't tell you how dedicated, hard-working and devoted he has been to serving the south Georgia community.

And although the amount of hair on his head has lessened over time, our fondness of him will never fade away.

A native of Americus, but raised around south Georgia, Ben has become a well-known figure in the area.

Since he first entered the doors of WALB in 1991, he has covered thousands of stories, from the good to the bad.

The community has depended on WALB and Ben Roberts to inform and investigate matters that mean the most.

On and off the anchor desk, he has been a class act, one that will be remembered as what a news anchor embodies for years and years to come.

Ben has done so much since the early 90's for south Georgia and WALB's long-time, loyal viewers will never forget it.

"Just appreciate his professionalism, particularly during the flood of 1994. he was just a very calming voice on the air to inform everybody. He did an excellent job and we'll miss him," explained a viewer.

"He always seems to be cheerful and I'll miss that component of having him there with his cheerful face," said another viewer.

Farewell from Ben

Change, change is good, right?

Seasons change, nobody wants to deal with south Georgia summer humidity year round.

Fashion and hairstyles change, you definitely don't want me to bring back the hairdo I sported when I started working at WALB 25 years ago.

25 years, I really can't believe it's been that long.

Change is good, and sometimes change is needed.

After 25-years, I'm about to make a big change.

Wednesday was not only my last day at WALB, it was my last day in the only career I've ever known.

This is what I wanted to do ever since I sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the television as a little kid and heard Walter Cronkite say, 'And that's the way it is," one final time.

I didn't exactly have a Cronkite career, but I've had a pretty good run.

It has been a true honor to bring you the news each night.

We've shared good times and we've gone through tough times together.

I always took my responsibility to the viewers seriously.

I worked hard every day to serve you well, and I appreciate how you have responded to that.

You welcomed me into your homes every night.

You're always so kind when you see me out and about, and I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and nice words since I announced I was leaving WALB to become the Public Relations Manager at Phoebe Putney Health System.

I will miss the relationship I have with you.

I'll miss this time we spend together every night, but I'm excited to take on a new challenge, and I'll still be right here in south Georgia, my home and the place I love.

You'll be in great hands with Melissa and Jim and Yolanda and the rest of the great team at News 10.

I hope to see you soon.

And that's the way it is.

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