Police hunt flim-flam crooks

Police hunt flim-flam crooks
(Source: Police)
(Source: Police)

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Leesburg Police are looking for two men who scammed the IGA store out of close to $500.

Police say after our report last night, they have heard from law enforcement in four other Southwest Georgia counties about these same two con men, and they expect more calls.

Surveillance photos were made on Christmas Eve about 5:00 in the IGA store in Leesburg, of two con men in action.  After our initial report about their crime, Leesburg Police phones got busy with calls from other law enforcement agencies about their victims.

"These individuals, that they are looking for too, that committed same incident, same day," said Leesburg Police Lt. James Vick said. "As of right now, we got six locations.  And I can guarantee you there is going to be more. They just haven't seen the news report."

Vick said the two men, wearing the same clothes and pulling the same con, reportedly stole money from stores in Baker, Thomas, Colquitt, and Mitchell Counties, all on Christmas Eve.

They target young clerks, at small, busy stores. One man distracts and causes commotion while the other one asks to change large bills.

"She starts reaching, getting the three $100 bills. Hands them to him.  Meanwhile he is still, like folding his money, doing stuff like that.  Just trying to distract him," Vick said.

They got away with nearly $500 in Leesburg.  Police want to warn merchants to be on watch for these men, who are most likely professionals from out of state.  But they could still be in the area, targeting more businesses.

"They could be out of Florida, they could be out of Alabama.  All over the place, these guys that's all they do.  Practice, get in their cars and drive around and commit these crimes," Vick said.

Law enforcement across South Georgia ask you to be on the lookout for these two men, as they wait for more businesses to realize they were victims, and bring in more information to help hunt them down.

Police urge businesses to stay on alert for this kind of con men, and train employees to spot the scammers.

Investigators say to call them at 229-759-6465, because they are sure there are more victims of those two slick crooks out there.

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