Weekend Wrap-Up: Holiday hustles, trickery, and surprises

Weekend Wrap-Up: Holiday hustles, trickery, and surprises
An elephant refuge is headed to Decatur Co. (Source: ERNA)
An elephant refuge is headed to Decatur Co. (Source: ERNA)
The sign has been officially changed at the former Darton State College (Source: WALB)
The sign has been officially changed at the former Darton State College (Source: WALB)
An Arizona boy got the gift of a lifetime (Source: KPHO/KTVK)
An Arizona boy got the gift of a lifetime (Source: KPHO/KTVK)
You can't knock one Florida woman's hustle (Source: WFOX/CNN)
You can't knock one Florida woman's hustle (Source: WFOX/CNN)

(WALB) - So much happens in a week that sometimes it can get challenging just trying to keep up with it all.

Here are some of the craziest and heartwarming stories we've come across over the week:

Tricks of the trade

Everyone is either trying to find a way to get the perfect gift or even work their hustle during the holidays.

One Florida woman decided to start selling positive pregnancy tests online to help pay her way through college.

A couple of police officers in Albany dressed up as panhandlers to catch distracted drivers doing things they shouldn't do while driving.

Despite recent protests, president-elect Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.

In fact, the mogul paid nearly $12.5 million to his own businesses during the course of the presidential race.

A U.S. postal worker in Atlanta was charged with delaying and destroying mail after investigators discovered more than 4,000 pieces of the mail out in the woods.


Life is certainly full of surprises... and most definitely mistakes.

The Tourism Director of the Webster Parish Convention and Visitors' Bureau found herself in a troubling situation, after she accidentally live-streamed an intimate moment between her and her husband on the bureau's official Instagram page.

Not everyday does a live deer break it's way through your home's front door.

One Maryland teenager shot and killed one in his living room when it went after the family Christmas tree.

Police in Nicholls were pulling people over and calling some into the station, but not for the reason you'd think...

Also in south GA

South Georgia has been full of even more surprises this past week.

An elephant refuge was announced to soon make its way to Decatur County.

A man and a woman were both arrested after committing bank fraud among multiple banks in the Dougherty-Lee County area.

Two suspected burglars were caught on video surveillance as they forced open the front door of a Lee County home.

The sign in front of the former Darton State College has been officially changed to read "Albany State University".

Grand Island Golf Course in Lee County was recently closed down, and officials are pulling out all stops to keep people out.

The U.S. Census Bureau compiled a list of the poorest counties in the state of Georgia.

Holiday outrage

One Georgia police officer was fired after officials say she placed a Confederate Flag on her porch.

Now she is getting back by filing a suit against her city's police department.

A disturbing racial encounter was recorded at a JCPenny's checkout line.

Walmart found itself in the hot seat after it was discovered they started selling "Black Lives Matter" gear.

A Texas police officer was placed on restrictive duty after he grabbed a 7-year-old boy by the neck and was recorded tackling his mother to the ground.

A Maryland teacher was put on administrative leave after she assigned homework requiring students to write songs about slavery.

The good, bad, and ugly in parenting

So many are drawn to the material things during the holiday season.

One Arizona boy received a gift that he will cherish for a lifetime.

Days before Christmas, an Indiana mother was arrested after beating her sons for opening their presents early.

A Texas father had to take action after his daughter was recorded getting hit by her mother.

A North Carolina mother had to speak out on her son's felony charge after it was discovered he used Adderall while in school.

Gifts and miracles

A Christmas miracle came to life via a mistaken Facebook message.

Amy Schumer's father went bankrupt and lost their family farm when she was 9 years old.

She recently bought it back for him as a gift.

This "ginormous" pillow is the perfect gift to get someone during any time of the year.

This tool just might be the perfect way to keep your car's windows from fogging up.

Weekly milestones

Now that you've made it to the end of the week, take a look at this stunning video:

10-year-old girl with autism stuns singing 'Hallelujah'

Let us know how you feel about these stories, or even give a heads up about any positive events happening in the community by emailing us.

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