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Albany helps bring Christmas to FL 6-year-old who lost her mom

Organizers were shocked by the response (Source:WALB) Organizers were shocked by the response (Source:WALB)
The gifts will be distributed Saturday (Source:WALB) The gifts will be distributed Saturday (Source:WALB)
Lydia Horton, Operations Manager (Source:WALB) Lydia Horton, Operations Manager (Source:WALB)
Alice Durham, Co-owner (Source:WALB) Alice Durham, Co-owner (Source:WALB)

Residents in Albany are stepping up to bring Christmas to a 6-year-old girl who recently lost her mother to drug addiction. 

A mountain of toys was bulging out of the back seat of a truck on Wednesday.

The happy sight had a heartbreaking story behind it. 

A Florida girl will be left without parents on Christmas after her mom recently died from a drug addiction.

"She lost her mom and the mom didn't know who the dad was," said Alice and Jay Co-owner Alice Durham. 

When learning about the young lady's dilemma through a family member, workers at Alice and Jay in Albany decided they'd post her story on social media to see if they could help.  

"We just had no idea how it would blow up. Immediately after we posted the post, we had a lady from a little further away ordering things online, almost everything in fact on the list, right away and having them delivered to us," explained Operations Manager Lydia Horton. 

On the list, undoubtedly scribbled by a 6-year-old, was a set of simple items: a baby doll, scooter and new clothes, which, thanks to the Facebook post, have all been donated ten times over. 

"People have just been so generous. Its overwhelming. There have been a lot of tears over the last few days," said Horton. 

With all the love pouring in, the collection has far outnumbered the capacity of one little girl's toy chest, but organizers have a plan for the excess. 

 "She knows some other kids," said Durham. "So, she's going to let this little girl take the extras and give them away." 

So, when Alice and Jay drive south to help her out this weekend, she will be able to make others feel just as special as her.

People can still bring items to the store on Westover Boulevard behind the mall throughout the rest of the week. 

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