Three arrested in Bainbridge burglaries; Neighbors relieved

Three arrested in Bainbridge burglaries; Neighbors relieved
Bainbridge Public Safety Officers worked with Colquitt County Sheriff's Office investigators

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Surveillance video released shows suspects in a string of Bainbridge burglaries.

Police said they arrested three people, thanks to a good investigative team, and great surveillance footage from neighbors. The crooks stole everything from Christmas presents to tools.

Just a few days before Christmas, the Godwin family, like many in Bainbridge, have a house lit up with Christmas lights and are ready for the upcoming weekend but Monday that excitement was put on hold.

"I felt like all of our security just went away for a few minutes," said Natalie Godwin.

Worry then turned into sleepless nights. "It was terrifying to know someone was walking around your house going through all of your things," said Godwin.

Behind their Christmas lights hides a surveillance camera. "We've upgraded it throughout the years," said Godwin.

Thanks to the camera, it caught every movement of three burglars who spent 37 minutes rummaging through their yard.

It even shows the three running off after hearing a loud noise but they came back to close Natalie's car door. Other neighbors weren't so lucky.

"There was one family who have children, all of their presents were taken, and all of their flat screen TVs were taken," said Godwin.

Children without presents for Christmas and long sleepless nights have now come to an end after the three arrests. One good thing did come out of all of this, a close community bond.

"We already had a neighborhood watch but I think this will make us even stronger and we need to put the word out that our neighborhood won't tolerate this," said Godwin.

Sadly police said it is a crime they see rise around the holidays.

"They know people have gone out and shopped and have presents at home. They are looking for items they can give as gifts or items they can turn around and sell to someone looking for a cheap deal on a Christmas present," said Chip Nix, Bainbridge Public Safety.

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