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Brown's family lawyer speaks out after no-bill

Attorney Collins and the Brown family (Source: WALB) Attorney Collins and the Brown family (Source: WALB)
(Source: Family) (Source: Family)
D. A. Greg Edwards (Source: WALB) D. A. Greg Edwards (Source: WALB)

The family of a man shot and killed by an Albany police officer says yesterday's grand jury decision, that the shooting was justified, does not mean they will 'stop seeking justice.'

The civil grand jury recommended no charges against Officer Derrick Williams in the death of Robert Lee Brown in September.

Attorney Julius Collins did not want to go on camera without the Brown family present, but Collins says this is not the end.

He says Brown's family is not discouraged, and they believe this situation will shed light on the training that law enforcement agencies in Dougherty County and Albany need.

Collins says the family expected that Officer Williams would not face any criminal charges.

Dougherty D. A. Greg Edwards decided under a new Georgia law to let a civil grand jury hear the investigative report.

"The effort is to make sure this type of circumstance, an officer involved shooting or injuries occurred is made transparent because of all the concern about these circumstances that have been going on around our country," said Collins.

Collins says he still believes the D. A. should have stepped away and an independent prosecutor should have been involved, but he does appreciate that Edwards let a fresh set of eyes look at the facts. 

Collins plans to file a lawsuit against Dougherty County, the City of Albany, Albany Police Department, city or county officials, and Officer Derrick Williams himself; anyone who had a hand in the decision making, and anyone involved in the training policies prior to and leading up to the Brown's death.

He says there's no set timeline for that.

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