Lee Co. officials shut down Grand Island

Lee Co. officials shut down Grand Island
Officials want the public to know they need to stay out (Source: WALB)
Officials want the public to know they need to stay out (Source: WALB)
Mike Sistrunk (Source: WALB)
Mike Sistrunk (Source: WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Grand Island Golf Course is now closed, and county officials are starting to shut it down. Thursday was the final day of golf at Grand Island.

On Friday, county officials started the clean up and got ready for the construction of a new hospital development there in the future.

County officials now want people to know to stay off the course.

County workers pounded in more than 80 no trespassing signs around the Grand Island Golf Club property today.

The driveways to the clubhouse were blocked with road closed signs as well.

Lee County officials want the public to know they are serious and want people to stay out.

"We have a responsibility to the neighbors to make sure that we keep this place secure. We have talked with the Sheriff's Office. They are going to work in conjunction with us to try to make sure folks stay off of that," said Lee County Co-County Manager Mike Sistrunk.

County workers started to secure the golf course equipment. Most of the equipment  will be divided up between the recreation department and the public works department for use on their projects.

Much of the specific golf course equipment and clubhouse items will be sold in about 3 weeks.

"A lot of this stuff, when we get all the inventory and set up, we are basically going to have an estate sale out here at Grand Island. It will be open to the public, and to the golf courses. We've had several different golf courses call us and say they are interested in coming to look at it," said Sistrunk.

The golf carts are leased and will have to be picked up.

Grand Island Golf Club is closed and the equipment will be sold to benefit the general budget.

Lee Co. officials say the hospital development project is on schedule, with a number of operators negotiating to provide the healthcare.

The number of beds planned during the open has been increased to 70, and construction is planned to begin next summer.

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