Baconton football coach Hayes retires after five seasons

Baconton football coach Hayes retires after five seasons

BACONTON, GA (WALB) - Johnny Hayes may not have won as many games as he would have liked, but there's no doubt he'll leave an impact on the Baconton Charter program he helped guide through it's early seasons.

Hayes is retiring after five seasons leading the Blazers.

"Bill Parcells used to say some coaches retire, then announce it three years later. I didn't want to be one of those coaches," he says. "I coached these kids at Baconton as hard as I coached kids anywhere. I'm satisfied that I did as good a job as I possibly could."

Hayes took over in 2010 as the second head coach in Baconton history. He guided the Blazers to a 10-39 record, including two three-win seasons.

"These are great kids here at a great school," Hayes said. "I'm look forward to seeing what someone else can do. It's time to let someone with new energy and new ideas do it."

The Blazers began playing a region schedule in 2013. Hayes says he's happy with helping build the Blazers, but is more proud of the work he did with the players.

"I think I've had an impact on some young people's lives," he says. "Hopefully, I've helped them become better men, better citizens, better daddies, better husbands, and better workers."

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