EMS warns of choking hazards during holidays

EMS warns of choking hazards during holidays
Greg Rowe (Source: WALB)
Greg Rowe (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County EMS has a warning for parents this holiday season.

Director Greg Rowe said there are endless choking hazards at your child's fingertips, especially this time of year.

Children can choke on toys, batteries, and Christmas decorations.

It's a danger that can be avoided though.

Rowe urges parents to look out for small parts or batteries that a child could put in his or her mouth.

He said EMS doesn't get as many choking calls as before though, because parents are more educated on potential hazards.

"If they're coughing, they're coughing forcefully, give them a second," he said. "Lean them forward a little bit.  If it's a small child, tilt their head down, and their feet up a little bit, to give them more of an angle, and let them cough. That will help gravity work its magic. But as long as they're coughing, let them cough."

Rowe said not to do the Heimlich on a small child because that can cause injuries.

He also did not suggest sticking your fingers in your child's mouth because that could lodge the item further down.

If you think your child is choking, call 911 immediately.

Rowe added that toys aren't the only hazard.

Make sure your holiday decorations are up high enough so they are out of reach as well.