American astronaut found to have Albany ties

American astronaut found to have Albany ties
Glenn ran for president and had a campaign manager from Albany (Source: WALB)

COLUMBUS, OH (WALB) - As the country remembers the American hero John Glenn, more information has been found that the famed astronaut had ties to Albany.

Glenn, a four-term senator from Ohio, ran for president in 1984. He ultimately lost the democratic nomination to Walter Mondale, who then lost to Ronald Regan.

Glenn's campaign manager in Georgia was in fact Albany's former mayor Tommy Coleman.

Coleman says the legendary astronaut, who was the first American to orbit the Earth, was a public servant and not a politician.

"But he really didn't like the retail part of it, of shaking hands, asking people for money. He found that difficult. But his service to the country as an astronaut, as a senator, as a Marine, it was extraordinary," said Coleman.

Glenn died Thursday in Columbus, Ohio.

He was 95 years old.

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