Grand Island Homeowners Association suit ruling

Grand Island Homeowners Association suit ruling

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Lee County leaders are celebrating a court ruling that allows a new hospital development to move forward.

The Grand Island Homeowners Association sued to try to stop the development on the golf course property.

Thursday Rucker Smith ruled the project does not violate the neighborhood covenants those homeowners had.

County leaders are glad they can focus on getting state approval for the hospital.

"We want something that all of south Georgia can be really proud of," said Lee County Commission Chairman Rick Muggridge. "And I place that people want to be. As we move forward I hope that we allay the homeowners' fears."

The homeowners claimed their contracts guaranteed a clear view of the golf course.

The judge ruled those covenants expired, and the hospital wouldn't violate that clause anyway because it will be at least 500 feet away from the homes.

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